A day in your life

Documentary family photography is about preserving your family’s story as it is at this moment. No posing or directing; just honest moments photographed in a beautiful way.

Preserving your family’s story…

We tend to focus on life’s milestones, the markers of time that tell us we’ve done something. That we’ve succeeded. A graduation. A degree. A marriage. A new baby. We pull out our cameras, make an announcement, and decide that these are the moments we want to remember.

But we can’t forget about those moments between the milestones. Those smaller moments that seem mundane and unimportant but are filled with love, laughter, and joy. Strung together, these smaller moments make up your larger story.

mom and daughter look at each other across kitchen table

…as it is right now

When you sign up for a Day in the Life (DITL) session, you are inviting me in as a friend to be a witness to your family’s life as it is now. What it is about this moment in time that you want to remember?

Is it the way your children wrap their arms around you in the morning? Or maybe the way they like to dress themselves, mixing sparkles and camo while putting their shoes on the wrong feet? Or is it the way your teenagers are growing up, yearning for independence while also still wanting to be a child?

Maybe you don’t have children but you want to honor the relationship you’re in, the way you like to cook your favorite meal with your partner on a Friday night or go for walks around the neighborhood with your pup.

Wherever your life is at this point in time, it is worth preserving and celebrating.

mom puts stroller in back of car while baby sleeps in car seat; in black and white

More than a photo session. An experience.

Day in the life (DITL) sessions are designed to capture your family’s everyday life, in all of its real, messy, beautiful glory. No matching clothes or perfectly combed hair. No prompting or direction from me.

My goal is to provide you and your family with a fun, stress-free experience, from beginning to end. I bet there are plenty of items on your to-do list – groceries to buy, appointments to make, and parties to plan. I don’t want this experience to add to that. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Sessions start at $125/hour and include my time, talent, and a high-quality, downloadable photo slideshow. Minimum three hours. Prints and other products can be ordered upon delivery of gallery.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs page. Ready to book? Let’s chat.