little sister drags bigger sister playfully outside

When I was little, my older brother and I used to argue over who got to clean out the bottom of the lawn mower. No joke. After my dad finished, he would flip the mower on its side, give us a flat head screwdriver, and we would gleefully scrape away at it until all of the grass fell off. I can still smell the freshly cut grass when I think about it.

Now, as an adult, I wish I had a photo of this. I wish I had a photo that captured our arguments, the joy and laughter, and my dad’s smile as he watched two of his kids get weirdly excited over something so mundane.

These tiny, in-between moments so often go unnoticed. They’re simple and commonplace. But in the end, these moments turn into our most cherished memories. They make us smile, laugh, and, sometimes, cry. And they are every bit as important and worth preserving as life’s bigger milestones.

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